Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm a survivor

The coffee pot is brewing and it is loud as hell this morning for some reason. I feel hungover and I don't even drink. I think it was the staying up past 1:30am chatting with T1G and Bloodspite after everybody else left. I'm not a late night person. This is the latest I've stayed up since I don't know when. The blog crawl 2007 last night was a blast. There wasn't a bunch of participants but it was a friendly crowd. Unless, you live in Valifornia then it got ugly at times. Those people out there are so sensitive. (Don't pout, T1G, you only pick on those you care about. The whole BEF picks on you so you should feel really loved.)

I loved the chat feature. Thank you Bloodspite. I found your site and actually made it through your tight security. I only had to fill out those random letters a time or two in order to register. But, I finally got through. It was nice meeting you.

Congrats to Mrs. Who and Bitterroot on their "new little who". (Pending the results of the retest. Maybe it was all a hallucination).

Bou was a blast as usual. Her recent boob blogging made for good references.

Writersblock and her lurking husband, Sherlock, were welcomed party crashers. Sorry you kept wasting your Martini.

Tammi promised pictures from Fritz's today. That should be good.

I missed ArmyWifeToddlerMom last night. I came back to the party just as she was leaving.

I had an unexpected visitor last night. It was a good thing ya'll kept me up past my bed time or I would have had to kill an adopted son. Daredevil's best friend came by looking for Improviser or so that was his excuse. He actually had a fight with his girlfriend and I think he was looking for a place to hide.

I apologize if I missed anyone. I had a great time. It's wonderful to be at a party and not have to leave the house and not clean up after any guests.

Also, would someone please e-mail the instructions for posting the survivor logo on my sidebar. I have forgotten how. I need code or something don't I? I really need to work on my blog. I haven't added anything in a long time. Any and all help is appreciated because I have faked my way through all of this stuff this far.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Blog Crawl 2007

UPDATE: Bloodspite set up a chat for us. Everyone head on over.

Come on in everybody. The party is just getting started.


The bubbles are flowing and the party is on.

Count down begins

Only 20 days left until Daredevil graduates and is officially a U.S. Marine.

I'll drive

Oh this will be so much fun. I love to mess with drunks.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

27 Days

Only 27 days left until Daredevil officially becomes a United States Marine. The weeks have flown by so quickly. He is even amazed by how fast it has gone.

Yesterday was his 20th birthday. It did not feel right not sending him anything. But, he specifically said not to "even let them know" it was his birthday. He did not want anyone in Parris Island finding out it was his birthday. So, I did not send a card or even write Happy Birthday in a letter. We will celebrate next month when he gets home.

I love his letters. The kid is so demented. This time he writes, "Then, we got A-line and BWT (Basic Warrior Training) next week. That's where the fun starts. We're going to be in full gear with our rifles rolling in the mud under razor wire, sleeping on the deck. The stuff I came here for."

This is the second time he has mentioned rolling in the mud and has been excited about it. The kid just ain't right. But, it is this attitude that is pulling him through. I am so proud of him.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

For Sale

Recently remodeled 1996 Saturn.

The Rest of the Story (As requested by Bou in the comments):

I have learned a valuable lesson. It took it happening twice to learn it but I think I have the bigger picture now. DON'T EVER PAY OFF A VEHICLE, GO ON VACATION AND LEAVE SAID VEHICLE WITH YOUR TEENAGER.

In April of 2005, I paid off my Explorer and went to see my Sweetie in the Bahamas. I received a call from Improviser the first night of my trip. "Mom, I got your car stolen."

The Saturn pictured above was my replacement car. It was a definite downgrade in regards to space but was a good reliable little car. I paid off the Saturn in May of this year. I made the mistake of leaving my car with Chowhound this time. I went on a cruise to Cozumel with my Sweetie. I called Chowhound Monday afternoon from the Ft. Lauderdale airport to confirm what time he was to pick me up. I know he had been dreading that phone call all day long. He wrecked it that morning. No one else was involved in the accident and he wasn't hurt.

Now....for the rest of the story.

Chowhound is usually a responsible young man. He is only 6 months from his eighteenth birthday. He has causally watched as his two older brothers pulled the antics. Improviser getting the Explorer stolen and Daredevil continually trying his mother's patience by sneaking out to his underage girlfriend's house. I didn't realize he was taking notes and just waiting for an opportunity to tarnish his image. Since, he is usually responsible his Dad didn't not make him stay with him overnight while I was gone. This proved to be a big mistake. Chowhound's girlfriend snuck out of her house Sunday night. He picked her up and they went back to my house. He took her home sometime around 4am and fell asleep on the way back to my house. He woke up when the car veered into the grass in median. Startled, sleepy and inexperienced at driving, he over corrected and went into a spin. It is just speculation as to what happened at some points. He said he just hit a hole next to a drainage grate. But, the damage on the car doesn't fit that. There is a very distinct roundness and white scrapes on the front. I think he may have hit a concrete pole that was nearby and the speed and spin of the car just ricocheted him around it. It was 5am. Both airbags deployed and the vehicle was filled with the smoke from the airbags. He wasn't wearing his seatbelt so he was bouncing around inside the car. He was very fortunate that he wasn't hurt and I didn't kill him.

The thing that gets me is that the parents of the girls my boys date do not know what their daughters are doing. I am always the one who catches them. Am I the only parent who checks on their teenager in the middle of the night. I get up frequently to pee so I do bed checks while I am up. I have done this since they were born. It is habit and I go back to sleep better knowing my children are alright.

I had a talk with Chowhound's girlfriend. I told her I would not tell her parents THIS TIME but if she ever snuck out again I would march in and rat her out in a heartbeat. I did my calm mother speech and read both of them the riot act. She told Chowhound that was the first time she had ever cried while she wasn't getting yelled at. It's been an expensive lesson.

Recruit Update

Time is flying. Daredevil is scheduled to graduate Oct. 19. We're almost done. I get about one letter a week. He sounds like he is having a blast. I'm sure he leaves out a lot of stuff for my benefit but overall he is in great spirits.

They are now at the rifle range barracks. He writes,

"We're going to be here for a month. We're in a squad bay that is about half the size as our old one and the floor is red. There are no officers around to the the DI in trouble so everyone in the PLT thought the same thing at the same time. The floors are red to cover up the blood of recruits. The thing that makes it sound true is that in some spots there are red spots on the ceiling. It's really creepy."
His birthday is next Friday. He will be 20. Wow. When did my little boys get so old? I'll only have one teenager left. Anyhow, Daredevil included this,
"Oh, on my B-day don't, I repeat, DON'T SEND ME ANYTHING. And don't let them know it is my b-day." (Emphasis all his)
I bet they get treated extra special on their birthdays. I don't understand this at all. (dripping in sarcasm). I'm sure they let the birthday boys sleep in and get extra chow and all that wonderful stuff.

October is going to be another busy month. My grandmother arrives in Pensacola on the 10th. My oldest sister turns 50 on the 16th. Daredevil graduates on the 19th. The following week on the 26th my nephew graduates. My birthday is on the 29th. Then throw in all of Chowhound's marching band activities, football games and competitions.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Life took over

Wow! I have actually had a life lately and haven't been home to live through other peoples blogs. So, this is what it feels like. So, what have I been up to lately? In a nutshell:

road trip
go carts
swimming in the hotel pool
spending time with my Sweetie, his son, and Chowhound
quick visit with my blog Momma
changing out the clothes in my suitcase
cruising on Enchantment of the Seas
strolling in Key West
lounging by the pool
diving in Cozumel, Mexico
getting engaged
flying home
finding out Chowhound totaled my car
discovering the washing machine died

So, now I get to go car shopping, replace the washing machine and go on a serious diet.

Ah, isn't it nice that life provides you with checks and balances.

Time to get to work and back to reality.