Monday, July 11, 2011

Apples, bananas, sweat and grease

My company provides us fruit during the summer to help us stay hydrated during these hot and humid days. The blue collar workers, such as myself, either work outside or in a very hot, steamy environment. So every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, each department is sent a box or two of fruit. We usually get apples, bananas, oranges and pears throughout the week. For some reason this year, we are getting way more fruit than we can possibly consume. So when the first batch of apples started to go bad, I being a practical person who hates to waste anything, took them home and made apple pie. Mistake. Big, big mistake. The mistake was bringing it to work for the guys. I figured the apples were company property and I didn't want to be stealing. So, I brought them back. Just a little more tasty than they were when I took them. The mouths' were drooling and the wallets came out. They sent the supervisor to the store for vanilla ice cream. Our morning break is at 9 am. By 9:15, the pie was gone and a conspiracy to steal apples from the other areas was in the works. Two days later, we had bananas going bad and a new case of apples were delivered. This was on a Friday. I took a case of speckled bananas home. On Monday, the bananas were returned to the mill in the form of banana bread and banana pudding. But, now the apples were going bad. So, I took apples and pears home and made an even bigger dish of pie. I make a very simple recipe that is a bottomless apple pie. You just mix the apples with sugar, flour, cinnomen, and nutmeg and then top it with a pie crust. I buy the ready made onces in the dairy section. They just need unrolled. Quick and easy. The most time consuming part is peeling the apples. Well, it seems that the guys working the 7pm to 7am shift were coming in and finding empty containers. Complaints were filed and begging commenced. Please, please, make some pie when I'm working. I got smart this time. I measured out the ingredients into a zip lock bag, grabbed my ready made pie crusts and took everything to work. We have an oven in our shop. I told them if they wanted apple pie, they would have to peel the apples. There were no objections. So, I'm out in the shop up to my elbows in grease working on my loader while giving instructions to one of the other guys on how to make the pie. He peeled all the apples. He even bought some and brought them in to make sure we had enough. He dumped in the sugar mixture, topped it with the crust and then popped it in the oven. I only supervised. Our supervisor was once again sent on an ice cream run. The shop has never smelled so good. Nothing like hot apple pie to combat grease and sweat. All was going well, everyone had a sugar high but was satisfied. Finally, everyone in the department had gotten some apple pie. Then, they brought in another case of bananas. "Owwwwwwwwwwww, how many bananas do you need to make banana pudding?" So, tomorrow they will have banana pudding. I will be glad when summer is over.