Thursday, July 31, 2008

Daredevil Update

Daredevil got the cast removed from his leg yesterday. He said the doc looked and looked and looked at the x-rays and couldn't find where it had been broken. His leg is weak now but he is walking on it and I'm sure will be running again in no time. He has been told he can take leave and come home Aug. 16 through Sept. 2. He will be going to Iraq sometime around the middle of Sept. He will be on the Syrian border at a post called Korean Village. Here are some pics I found on the internet. I'm not sure when these were taken. Yeah, they just opened a new internet facility at the base.

Currently, Daredevil is at Camp Pendleton, CA. We thought that it would be a step up into civilization compared to the facilities and location of 29 Plams, CA. Twenty-nine palms is isolated. Daredevil couldn't wait to leave there. It was a long and lonely six months. Camp Pendleton is between LA and San Diego. Again, we thought it would be more advanced and accessible. First, he was in a part of Camp Pendleton called Las Pogus. It has an exchange about the size of a convenience store, an internet facility and a couple of fast food places. But, was far more isolated than 29 Palms. Add to the fact that Daredevil arrived on crutches. He was very limited and bored. After about 10 days he was transferred to Las Flores. It makes Las Pogus look inviting. The exchange is in a semi tractor trailer and although there is a Subway sandwich shop it is closed on weekends. That's it. No internet. Poor child. He keeps going from bad to worse and the next stop is Iraq. I bet when he returns to the states he will have a greater appreciation for all the luxuries we have. Las Flores may even look good. The bright side is he is saving up a lot of money. There is no where to spend it. I think there is a method to the Marine Corps madness.