Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Newest Marine

Chowhound is officially a PFC in the USMC. The graduation yesterday was held outside. It was cold but not unbearable. The ceremony was moving.

The first stop off the Island was at McDonald's for a sweet tea and to change clothes. He would have changed in the parking lot and car like his brother did but we were in a little more visible area than last year.

The only significant change I have noticed is he eats faster. He always savored his food. The first to start and the last to finish. That is no longer. I laughed at him last night sucking down steak and potatoes. I don't think he even chewed. I reminded him he wouldn't get yelled at now if he didn't eat fast enough. He laughed. I don't think he realized how fast and focused he was at eating.

It's good to have him home even if it's only for 17 days. Next weekend we will bring Improviser home for the holidays. The only missing will be Daredevil. He won't be home until April. He does call pretty often. Both Improviser and Daredevil called yesterday to congratulate their little brother. That was heartwarming.

So, now between my sister and I, we have our own little militia. We have 4 Marines and one Airman. Nobody better mess with us.