Thursday, January 01, 2009

On the road again

Improviser's leave is almost up. We are heading out this morning. He has to be in Mississippi tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to the goodbye.

Too many goodbyes already. Chowhound left Monday.

So, once again it will be me and the dog.

What's bad this time is that I don't have a "I'll see you in ____ date". After MCT, Chowhound will go directly to Norfolk, VA, for six months of school. Improviser finishes his school in mid February and then will be attached to the Combat Communications Group out of Oklahoma. Daredevil is scheduled to return from Iraq in April but he will return to California. I'm sure he will come home on leave afterward but this is not definite. So, I am left with a "I'll see ya" but I don't know when.