Saturday, March 21, 2009


Mrs. Who's son, Eraserhead, posted a photo of a tux reject. I nearly peed myself. That was my date's tux to the prom. The photo is faded and doesn't do justice to brightness of the baby blue tux. After all the prom was 28 years ago. Holy Shit. That just hit me like a ton of bricks. Almost thirty years. Damn.

**Sidenote to Mrs. Who---Aren't you jealous?! This could have been your date. No need to thank me. I've been cussing myself for my stupidity all these years.

A little background to those who aren't in the know. The fellow in blue with the mutton chops is my ex-husband and the father of my boys. He was "dating" Mrs. Who when I met him and he dumped her for me. Yeah, I have great luck. That was in 1980. She and I stumbled upon each other here in blog land and started comparing lives and low and behold we had a connection. The story really is hilarious and shows how small this world is.

Warning--no negative comments about my dress. You can laugh at the Ex all you want. Believe me, I am. You can even laugh at my Farrah hair-do. The dress is off limits. My mother made it without a pattern. My sister had modeled one exactly like it in a fashion show and she fell in love with it. But, we could not afford luxury's like a store bought prom dress. So, she studied it the night of the fashion show, made notes, shopped for material and went home and made a pattern. My sister wore it to her prom in 1979. It was fitted for my sister and obviously I don't fill it out. It was like putting a stick in where an hour glass had been. But, I still treasure it anyhow. I was so proud to wear it. I wish I had her talent for sewing. I didn't appreciate it at the time but she made the majority of our clothes all the way up to when I started high school and she got a job. Any store bought clothes I owned were hand-me-downs or the few treasured presents at Easter, Christmas and back to school. My mom even made our bathing suits and underwear. Enough of memory lane.

To the Who family: Thanks for the flashback. And Eraserhead, don't wear anything but black unless you want to look back in 30 years and laugh your ass off.