Friday, October 19, 2007

My Marine!

Daredevil is officially a United States Marine!

He looked so handsome in his uniform for graduation today. I just wanted to show him off. But, no. He went for comfort. I'm driving towards the main gate. I look over he is in his whitey-tightys hanging his uniform up. We are still on the base. We were barely out of the parking lot. I'm praying, "Please don't let us get pulled over for something" while laughing. We've done the change clothes routine while driving down the road for years. Marching band teaches you that. That part didn't surprise me any. I laughed because hanging up the uniform took precedence over getting dressed. In the past the clothes just got thrown on the floorboard. Now, thanks to the Marines, he takes pride in his appearance.

I figured after being gone from his girlfriend for three months she would be the first person he went to see when he got home. No. He gets home. Irons his uniform and puts it back on. Yes, the same uniform he couldn't wait to get out of three hours earlier. Then he goes to the Elementary school to see his favorite teacher. (So, Mrs. Who, and the other teachers out there. Know this, you make a great impact on your students. ) His fourth grade teacher was more important to him than seeing his girlfriend. The principal recognized him too. I'm not sure if that was a good sign or not. We evidently spent way too much time in that man's office.

It's strange looking at my boys and not seeing boys any more.

Chowhound, Daredevil and Improviser