Sunday, December 02, 2007

Foreign Languages

Chowhound broke up with Miss Spilled Milk a few weeks ago. Basically, Chowhound was frustrated with her immaturity (she is only 15, he is 17). She keeps leaving him IM messages. She doesn't understand. He keeps trying to explain it to her. Over and over and over. We were discussing the situation and his frustration was quite apparent.

"I've tried explaining in every way I know how and she says she still doesn't understand. I guess I could trying saying it in a foreign language but I don't know how to speak "Woman". And, you can't help me because you don't know it either."

Well, I guess Chowhound and I can take classes together.

Course 1: Understanding A Woman's Language

Course 2: What your saying is not what she is hearing

Course 3: What she is really thinking

Course 4: Men rules that won't work with women so keep your mouth shut.

Course 5: Definitions by Gender (Formally titled: "You only thought you knew what that meant"

Advanced Students only can attend Relationship Advice From a Male Point of View. This is extremely advanced. This is a reference class only on what never to say or do. Warning: if this advice is used it could result in your remaining single for eternity or having your testicles rearranged.

or if Chowhound prefers he could send her to a few classes.