Monday, November 10, 2008

Veteran's Day

This year Veteran's Day has an extra special meaning for me. This day honors not only all those who have served but those who are serving and this year it includes my sons and nephews. Although, Chowhound and Improviser are technically still recruits soon they will be officially serving the United States of America. And of course, Daredevil is currently in Iraq fighting for freedom. Two of my nephews are also Marines.

I went yesterday and added Daredevil and his two cousins to the Wall of Honor. The lady in the photo department was wonderful. She copied the photos and matted them. I was given the additional copies, which one was matted also, at no charge. She said it is the least they can do for what our veterans do for us. I was admiring a USMC Blanket while I was there and got to talking to another lady looking at it. He son was just awarded the purple heart. I fought back the tears. She told me that a simple flinch at the right time saved his life. The doctors told her if he hadn't turned his head at that split second he would have died. The bullet struck his neck and shoulder. He is still in rehab and will probably be discharged from the service. Although, Daredevil is over there in the middle of all this mess, it doesn't hit home until I hear stories from neighbors. Personal stories. I followed a car the other day that had a dedication to her son across the back window. He died in Iraq last year. It said "My Son, My Hero", "Home of the Free, Because of the Brave." I wanted to get out of my car and run up to her window and hug her and thank her. She probably would have thought I was nuts. I lost it. I drove down the road crying. I cried for her, for her son and for every family that has ever made a sacrifice so that I can live my life how I choose.

I was raised in a Military family. My father was a photographer in the Navy. My step-father was a mechanic Navy. He spent the majority of his time in submarines. My ex-husband was in the Navy. It is ironic that none of my boys joined the Navy. Two went into the Marines and one into the Air Force.

Thank you to all who have served or are serving.