Saturday, August 22, 2009

Conquoring Adult ADD

Serious ADHD Likely!

I took an ADD quiz and scored an 82. Anything above a 70 is considered Serious. I have often mentioned to people that I have ADD. They laugh and usually joke that they do too. But, I am serious. This is something that holds me back. I need to make some changes in my habits to help me overcome this.

Just the thought of trying to get organized enough and stay that way to accomplish this almost brings me to tears. I know that I am an intelligent person and that I could be doing so much more in my life if I could only control this more. I love when I am organized. I feel better. But, it takes so much energy and is draining.

I am determine to finish projects that I start and start projects that I keep postponing.

A suggestion from one website says:

This is a different take on dealing with procrastination. Instead of trying to overcome procrastination by fear “get organized, try harder”, they suggest overcoming it by getting around fear through creativity and making “a small, imperfect start ” Here’s one of the steps.

How to talk to yourself:

– Replace “I have to” — which promotes victimhood and resentment — with “I choose to.”

– Replace “I must finish” with “When can I start again?”

– Replace “This is so big/difficult/complex” with “I can take one small step: one rough, rough draft, one imperfect sketch.”

– Replace “I must do this right (i.e., perfectly)” with “I can be human.” Accept “mistakes” as feedback, and part of the natural learning process. In fact, try to be imperfect. Intentionally do the first part of your project sloppily: rough draft in crayon, or on a coffee-stained old envelope.

My fear of making mistakes is huge. I am a perfectionist and analyze things to death. I don't "see" things like other people do. Solutions are not obvious. But, most of the time, I find that my ideas are right on. It's just that I have difficulty bringing them to life or finishing them.

I must conquer this. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.