Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fake Mother discovered

My mothering inadequacies have been discovered. Chowhound witnessed a "real mom" and now knows that I have been faking it all these years. He stayed over at a band mate's house the other night and came home with stories that were horror to my ears.

"His mom COOKED us breakfast. She made my lunch. She even washed out my water cooler."

OMG and this was on a week day too!

So, I asked, "Does she have to be at work at 7am?"

"Uh, No."

"Is she a single parent?"

"Uh, No."

"Are you arms broke?"

He packed his own lunch the next morning.

I went spying into his cooler to see if he had bothered to put in anything but snacks. I was caught in the act. He glared at me, "If you want to know what's in my lunch, then you should make it."

I'm going to wring his neck and we won't have to worry about packing lunches anymore.