Friday, July 07, 2006

Testosterone vs Roman Candles

I can't frickin believe this. Improviser and Chowhound just asked my permission to shoot roman candles at each other. I'm not shocked that they want to shoot them at each other. I'm shocked that they asked. No frickin way! Did they honestly think I'd clap my hands together, get a big Viagra Bob smile and say, "Of course boys. Sounds like a wonderful idea to me. Have fun and be safe." Holy crap.

Me: Hell no. Why do you want to shoot roman candles at each other?

Chowhound: Because it's fun.

Me: It's not fun it's stupid. I am not carting a smoldering child into the emergency room and announce that they had parental permission to be idiots.

Chowhound: We'll tell them Dad gave us permission. Let's ask him. (and he picks up the phone).

Are testicles and the stupid gene connected? There has to be DNA evidence to back this up. I just know it. I swear you never see youtube videos of females shooting crap at each other. Chowhound said stupid people have fun. Stupid people get Darwin awards.

I know as soon as Daredevil gets home they will all disappear. And I will know what they are doing. ARRRRRRRR! Males.