Saturday, July 01, 2006

I arrived, finally

I arrived safely at my Sweetie's. A day late but I'm beginning to get used to that. He's been teasing me that people from Europe can get here in a day and it takes me two days from Florida. Go figure. But, then again I do have to travel through a foreign country to get here. Miami is a foreign country, right? I know it has to be because I can't understand anyone there.

Once again, American Airlines decided to treat me to an all expense paid night in Miami. It's kind of them don't you think? Usually, they do it for me for my birthday (two years in a row) so this time was a suprise since my birthday isn't until October. Once, they were kind enough to give me an extra night with my Sweetie. We enjoyed that but my work wasn't so happy that I took an extra day off.

Oh well, I'm finally here and that's all that matters.