Friday, December 01, 2006

Click for Cans

What to help a charity without getting out of your chair? Plus, you can help prove to your friends who the best football team is.

This year, one NFL team will earn a donation of Campbell's® soup to the food bank of its choice. How much soup? We'll get the official stats for all the players on the winning team's official roster and donate one can for every pound the total team weighs! So far, the Green Bay Packers remain the undefeated Click for Cans champs – will they stay on top, or will they get a run for their money this year? It's up to you!

Go here to vote.

Come on folks. We need to knock the Green Bay Packers out of the lead. Get the word out to everyone and lets see who the best team is. You can vote once a day until Dec. 15.

Don't be discouraged if your team doesn't get the most clicks. The team that improves the most in the number of clicks from last year will also receive a donation! We'll donate 2006 cans on behalf of the team that shows the most improvement in the number of clicks from last year.

So far, the Colts are the most improved clicks.

I know there are some big football fans out there. Show your support. Or do it just to knock someone else's team down. Whatever works.

Who do you want to win?