Monday, May 21, 2007

I tag myself.

I feel like the kid nobody wants to play with. Everyone is playing movie tag and I didn't get even get chased. That's okay. My feelings aren't hurt. Not everyone can be one of the cool kids.

So, I'm posting my movies anyhow. I'll even guess them, too, if I have to. I severely suffer from CRS (can't remember sh*t) so I can do that. That is one of the advantages of having limited memory capacity.

1. Disturbing; Steven King; No opening credits; Louisiana; gun.
The Green Mile

2. Teenage boys; 1910's; 1060's; Airplane accident; animal attack.
Second Hand Lions

3. Self-destructive; Atmospheric; period piece; big game hunter; romance.
Out of Africa

4. Male-female relationship; love; canceled wedding; coincidence; department store.

5. Dragon; part live action; book; library; young boy.
The Page Master

6. Stage coach; male-female relationship; prospector; friend; saloon.
Paint your Wagon

7. shoes; love; godfather; male-female relationship; doorman.
While you were Sleeping

8. No Opening credits; half track; war; stabbed in chest; tragic incident.
Saving Private Ryan

9. Expatriate; British expatriate; Canadian expatriate; mission; boat.
The African Queen

10. Father-son relationship; mother-son relationship; flat tire; Indiana; blindness.
A Christmas Story

**UPDATE--I was tagged and just didn't get the notification. Thanks Tink! I feel loved now. I should never have doubted it. And Tink is really great at guessing movies.