Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Silence is a Strange noise

Quiet. The house is quiet of kid sounds. It still has house sounds and dog sounds. And if the dog doesn't get quiet I may have to do something about that. But, the house is absent of kids.

It's a strange sound. I can hear the hum of the air conditioner. The rattle of the vents. The compressor on the refrigerator. I hear the laughter of my boys but it's in my head and my heart.

I've spent the last twenty-one years surrounded by sounds. Babies crying. Toddlers laughing. Brother's arguing, teasing and fighting all in a pretense that they don't love each other. There have been the sounds of broken hearts and suppressed tears. Joys and screams of accomplishment. Musical instruments banging, clanging and blowing. Bedroom doors slamming. Car doors slamming. Basketballs dribbling. Dishes banging in the sink. The TV blaring.

Now I can hear myself think. And I think I miss it.