Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Support a Recruit

Recruit Daredevil is officially at Parris Island. He called his Dad last night with his scripted telephone call. Apparently, they have a card next to the telephone and they are only allowed to say what is on the card. I'm glad he saved that call for his father. It would have broke my heart. He called me from his cell phone a couple of hours earlier to tell me goodbye again and that he would see me in 13 weeks. He was almost to Parris Island. He sounded better than he had the previous couple of days.

My nephew had a few glitches in his paperwork so he was delayed a day. He should get to Parris Island sometime early this morning or today.

It's nice not having to go through this alone. My sister and I went through our pregnancies together (not these two particular kids) and now we go through the trials of Marine making. Of course, she has already given birth to one Marine last year. Now, come October 19, barring any setbacks, we will have three Marines in the family.

So, this officially makes me a Recruit Mom and Aunt. I've been doing a little research on the Marines to familiarize myself with the particulars of their branch. I have been "Navy" all of my life. I was a Navy brat and then a Navy wife.

There is a wealth of information and support at MarineParents.com. While browsing graduation information I found the Marine Graduation Foundation. Their mission is to help the families that can't afford to come to graduation. No Marine should have to begin their journey alone. I think it is a wonderful cause. At first, I was shocked that everyone would not flock to this grand occasion. Then, it hit me that when Daredevil's Dad graduated from Navy bootcamp there was no one there for him. Daredevil is fortunate. There will be a slew of people there for him and his cousin. But, others are not so lucky. Right now they need $925 to help two families attend the August 3 graduation. Spread the word through this wonderful blog community. I know we can help. These boys will have been through 13 weeks of hell and it would be a shame if they didn't have someone to celebrate their accomplishments with.

UPDATE: A total of $210 has been donated today and has been marked off the needed amount for the August 3 Marine Graduation Fund. Thank you to any of my readers that may have contributed today. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are all awesome.