Saturday, September 22, 2007

27 Days

Only 27 days left until Daredevil officially becomes a United States Marine. The weeks have flown by so quickly. He is even amazed by how fast it has gone.

Yesterday was his 20th birthday. It did not feel right not sending him anything. But, he specifically said not to "even let them know" it was his birthday. He did not want anyone in Parris Island finding out it was his birthday. So, I did not send a card or even write Happy Birthday in a letter. We will celebrate next month when he gets home.

I love his letters. The kid is so demented. This time he writes, "Then, we got A-line and BWT (Basic Warrior Training) next week. That's where the fun starts. We're going to be in full gear with our rifles rolling in the mud under razor wire, sleeping on the deck. The stuff I came here for."

This is the second time he has mentioned rolling in the mud and has been excited about it. The kid just ain't right. But, it is this attitude that is pulling him through. I am so proud of him.