Saturday, September 15, 2007

Recruit Update

Time is flying. Daredevil is scheduled to graduate Oct. 19. We're almost done. I get about one letter a week. He sounds like he is having a blast. I'm sure he leaves out a lot of stuff for my benefit but overall he is in great spirits.

They are now at the rifle range barracks. He writes,

"We're going to be here for a month. We're in a squad bay that is about half the size as our old one and the floor is red. There are no officers around to the the DI in trouble so everyone in the PLT thought the same thing at the same time. The floors are red to cover up the blood of recruits. The thing that makes it sound true is that in some spots there are red spots on the ceiling. It's really creepy."
His birthday is next Friday. He will be 20. Wow. When did my little boys get so old? I'll only have one teenager left. Anyhow, Daredevil included this,
"Oh, on my B-day don't, I repeat, DON'T SEND ME ANYTHING. And don't let them know it is my b-day." (Emphasis all his)
I bet they get treated extra special on their birthdays. I don't understand this at all. (dripping in sarcasm). I'm sure they let the birthday boys sleep in and get extra chow and all that wonderful stuff.

October is going to be another busy month. My grandmother arrives in Pensacola on the 10th. My oldest sister turns 50 on the 16th. Daredevil graduates on the 19th. The following week on the 26th my nephew graduates. My birthday is on the 29th. Then throw in all of Chowhound's marching band activities, football games and competitions.