Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm a survivor

The coffee pot is brewing and it is loud as hell this morning for some reason. I feel hungover and I don't even drink. I think it was the staying up past 1:30am chatting with T1G and Bloodspite after everybody else left. I'm not a late night person. This is the latest I've stayed up since I don't know when. The blog crawl 2007 last night was a blast. There wasn't a bunch of participants but it was a friendly crowd. Unless, you live in Valifornia then it got ugly at times. Those people out there are so sensitive. (Don't pout, T1G, you only pick on those you care about. The whole BEF picks on you so you should feel really loved.)

I loved the chat feature. Thank you Bloodspite. I found your site and actually made it through your tight security. I only had to fill out those random letters a time or two in order to register. But, I finally got through. It was nice meeting you.

Congrats to Mrs. Who and Bitterroot on their "new little who". (Pending the results of the retest. Maybe it was all a hallucination).

Bou was a blast as usual. Her recent boob blogging made for good references.

Writersblock and her lurking husband, Sherlock, were welcomed party crashers. Sorry you kept wasting your Martini.

Tammi promised pictures from Fritz's today. That should be good.

I missed ArmyWifeToddlerMom last night. I came back to the party just as she was leaving.

I had an unexpected visitor last night. It was a good thing ya'll kept me up past my bed time or I would have had to kill an adopted son. Daredevil's best friend came by looking for Improviser or so that was his excuse. He actually had a fight with his girlfriend and I think he was looking for a place to hide.

I apologize if I missed anyone. I had a great time. It's wonderful to be at a party and not have to leave the house and not clean up after any guests.

Also, would someone please e-mail the instructions for posting the survivor logo on my sidebar. I have forgotten how. I need code or something don't I? I really need to work on my blog. I haven't added anything in a long time. Any and all help is appreciated because I have faked my way through all of this stuff this far.