Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to All

I'm wishing each and everyone of you the best of wishes and Holiday. Please say a prayer for our troops and all those that love them. The holidays are hard when you are away from family.

Daredevil made it safely to Twenty-nine Palms, CA. However, he is not allowed to leave the base and therefore has no family to spend Thanksgiving with. My heart cries for him. He has a 96hour liberty and nothing to do. And, to top everything off, his girlfriend of two years broke up with him and she didn't have to decency to tell him straight-up. He found out from someone else that she has been telling everyone she broke up with him. I know it will all work out but, damn it, that's my son. Nobody is allowed to hurt him. Nobody.

Chowhound and I are off first thing tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my Sweetie and his son. I will think of all you poor folks freezing as I bask in the Bahamian sun.

Happy Thanksgiving.