Thursday, November 29, 2007

Projects for the Troops

The holiday season can be mentally and emotionally challenging for some. This is especially true for our Military. A great many of them are far from home and family. There are many projects underway to help make the season a little brighter. The little gifts and letters of support are great morale boosters. Here are a few of the many projects that are ongoing. Spread the word.

Marine Corps Moms (also known as Marine Corps Family Foundation) have several projects in the works. Operation Santa is attempting to send 25,000 stuffed stockings to the troops. They are close to their goal. Right now postage is the biggest problem. There are little groups all over the U.S. who have stockings ready to ship but lack the funds to ship them. Operation Santa is "going to the dogs" this year too. They need help providing stockings stuffed with dog treats and bones for the K-9 units.

Every day, there are nearly 700 recruits in the Support Battalions at the Marine Corps Recruit Depots in San Diego and Parris Island. These are recruits who have been separated from the regular training platoons for a variety of reasons-sickness, injury, the need for additional physical conditioning, and those who are being processed out of training. MarineMOMSonline is looking for donations and volunteers to provide stockings and items for this group. It is tough enough being in Boot Camp but to be held back during the holidays it can be especially tough.