Monday, September 01, 2008

Time Marches On

September is here already. I want to skip this month almost as much as I want to skip November and December. I vote that we jump to October now and then skip over to say April. I hate winter. I like October because I love the weather then and it's my birth month. I can handle October. In November I start getting psycho. First, there is way too much food and secondly it's the lead in for the Chaos of Christmas. Don't get me wrong. I love Christmas. I just can't afford it. I try to keep things simple. But, I am a procrastinator. I wait until the last minute to get prepared. On Christmas Eve you can find me starting my shopping. I've been working on that but it is usually finances that make me procrastinate. I always dread December.

But, this year September is the demon month. Daredevil leaves this tomorrow*. He'll be in California for a couple of weeks and then he will be of to Camp Korean Village, Iraq. Even though I haven't seen him a lot in the last two weeks he's been here, it has been wonderful having him home. I love having my boys together. I even smile now when they pick and fight with each other because I know I won't hear that any more. In two weeks, Chowhound will report to Parris Island and two weeks after that Improviser will head to Lackland Air Force Base. All my "babies" will be gone.

Today, we are going bowling. That ought to be a blast as I suck at bowling. The last time I went it was with two friends of mine. Three middle-aged women using the bumpers is quite entertaining. But, it's not about the scores. It is time spent together. I am taking a camera. I wish I had video as I can never do justice to the insane hysteria that is present anytime all my boys are together.

Case in point. The other night, I hauled them out for family pictures. First, all three boys pounced on the roller coaster bead mazes in the lobby like they were dessert. Then, Daredevil and Chowhound immediately start a reinactment of this video. Chowhound hollars at Daredevil, "Put on a tie."

It went downhill from there. Daredevil grabs a rose and poses with it. They are all poking me and pushing each other. They made faces. A two year old would have been better behaved. The photographer was great. She has three young boys herself and she immediately just went with the flow and started harassing them.

But, none of this bothered me. They were just laughing and goofing off. They know how to behave when it's important. Right now, it was important to laugh. Although, there was a thin line when Daredevil dared Chowhound to jump up and headbutt the ceiling joist. Chowhound accomplished the feat and proudly wore the red mark on his head. I did a lot of blinking and shaking of my head.

All of this was before dinner. Dinner was even more hysterical. Ever since the kids were big enough to play card games, I have carried a deck in my purse for entertainment purposes. I found that it alleviated a lot of stress if they had something to do while we were waiting for our food. I get fussed at if I don't have them for some reason. Chowhound made sure I had the cards before we left the house. We used to play rummy, war, and speed when there were only two of us. But lately, we have started playing Bu!!sh*t. Now, if there are people, especially little kids, they have to say "BS". It is always a lot of fun especially when we are all together.

UPDATE: This post is incomplete. Daredevil leaves today. I got distracted. I'll post Part II sometime. My ADD kicked in.