Sunday, September 14, 2008


Okay, you can stop lashing me with wet noddles. Sorry I didn't post an update. Yes, my Sweetie made it out of Turks and Caicos before Hurricane Ike pounded the little islands. We spent a couple of days together, including his birthday on Monday, and then he flew to south Florida Tuesday. He showed up back here on Wednesday with a 24ft UHaul and then left for Turks and Caicos on Saturday. I'm not sure when he will return. I figure I won't see him again until Christmas. I hope it'll be sooner but I'm not counting on it. We had a great time while he was here.

So, I said goodbye to Daredevil on the 2nd. He went back to California. Now he leaves this week headed to Iraq.

My Sweetie left yesterday.

Chowhound left a few hours ago. Tomorrow he will step in the yellow footsteps at Parris Island.

Improviser leaves in 15 days.

Too many goodbyes this month. I'm hanging in there.