Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The calendar is ticking

59 Days

The Marriage license is only good for 59 more days. Now we have to figure when and where to get married.

Times are tight right now and it is difficult to get everyone together because they are spread so far apart. My children are coast to coast. Chowhound is on the Atlantic in Virginia. Daredevil is on the Pacific in California. And, Improviser is stuck in Oklahoma. My Sweetie's son and family is in South Florida and my family is in NW Florida. I think it will be just us going to the courthouse.

I'm going to dress shopping this weekend.

Since I am off on Mondays, it will most probably be a Monday. The only problem with that is I have Mondays booked with Doctor appointments. It was bad enough getting my marriage license after the dentist appointment. Half my face was still numb. I felt like a freak.

Next week I have a follow-up OB/GYN and ultrasound appointment. NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! I'm having other issues. But, I really will feel violated and don't want to say my "I do's" after that appointment. That just seems so wrong.

So, we have waiting for the right time and place. But, it needs to be within 59 days. No pressure.