Sunday, May 24, 2009

Training vs Mother Nature

I've started training for the Rock and Roll Half-Marathon to be held in Virginia Beach on Sept. 6. I actually started week before that but that only lasted a couple of days before Mother Nature stepped in. Not only did she bring torrential rainfall to this area, she decided it was a great time for me to prove I was a woman. I have yet to find a training program that says, "if it's that monthly time throw all this out the window, curl up on the couch with a bowl of chocolate and say the hell with it all." I don't know who writes those fantasy women protection product ads that say you can run and bike and be superwoman during that monthly crap but I suspect it's a man. If it's a woman than she should be sued for false advertising and shot just for plain lying because she should know better. I feel like crap for about four days. I have no energy. I hurt and I some evil woman shrinks my clothes and takes over my body. It's not helping matters right now that I also have a cyst on one of my ovaries and an enlarged uterus.

So, yesterday the weather cleared as well as other things and I was up early to train. Except that I didn't have an ounce of energy so early turned into more like 7:30 am. Big mistake. Big mistake. It gets way too humid to early even here in Northern Florida. I pushed myself through the 3 miles. I'm just starting and I am more of a walker than anything. I was zapped. It was a really rough 3 miles. The weather was humid already and my energy level was in the negatives. I never could find my "zone". Usually, I can get wrapped up in my thoughts and just go. I forget about my feet and just go. Not yesterday. I watched the road and agonized over each step willing myself to keep going.

Then I got fascinated with counting the frogs that didn't make it. This rain storm and flooding really brought them to the streets. It was like a bad frogger game. Smashed frogs everywhere. I figured as bad as I felt at least I wasn't road kill. Although, a couple of times it seems like a good idea. The evening was a little better and I got four miles in on the bicycle. It was scheduled to be a cross training day but since the days prior were a wash out I made my self walk/run.

Today was much better. I ran more and felt less tired. I never found my zone today either. But, I felt good afterwards. I got out a little earlier today so it wasn't as humid yet. There is a man that walks the same loop I am doing. He was there yesterday too. We go in opposite directions. My goal is to make it around the loop faster than he does. It's a little competitive but it is pushing me so that is good.