Sunday, May 31, 2009

Run4Chance and heeding great advice

I have started my training for the Rock and Roll half Marathon in Virgina Labor Day weekend. I'm not a runner. But, I am determined to complete this and achieve my donation goals. I will be begging for money as soon as I get my donation website completed which I plan to do today. I have joined the Run4Chance Team. This team was established in honor of Chance Phelps, a Marine, who was killed in action. The donations go to the Fisher House, which gives the families a place to stay while their loved one is recovering from injuries, as well as the Injured Marines fund. I will need everyone's help to reach the minimum goal of raising $1,000.00. This is such a small amount compared to what these heroes have to endure. I am a not a person to ask for help but this time I will and I will be shouting it from the rooftop if I have to. I believe in this cause. I know everyone who reads my blog, both of you, know who Chance Phelps is and have probably seen the HBO movie, Taking Chance. I was first introduced to Chance through The Blog of War. I was moved by the story and very impressed with the grace and dignity in which HBO translated the story to a movie. The hardest part for me to watch was when Lt. Strobl met the young man escorting his brother home. I held my breath, pushed back the tears and prayed that none of my boys would ever be in that position. Anyways, that is the charity for which I am running.

UPDATE: Here is my donation website:

Please spread the word. I need all the publicity I can get. I know times are tough right now. But, war does not stop because of economic conditions. Our service people and their families need our help now. It's the least we can do for all they do for us.

Yesterday was an extremely hot and muggy morning. I struggled. The famous words of a wonderful, determined lady came to my mind and and I kept pushing myself chanting her words. "Embrace the suck, Embrace the suck." Thank you Boudicca. You are helping me get through this.