Saturday, November 12, 2005

Another Goofy Mom

This must be Goofy Mom Week. I'm still wiping the tears from my eyes after reading Bou's admission to being a Goofy Mom. I can stand proudly beside her after the stunt I pulled last night.

It has been a brain draining week. I am now fully submerged in my new position at work. It is all brain work and little physical activity. Whereas, for the last 8 years it's been just the opposite. My brain is screaming overload. When I get home now, I don't want to do anything that requires thinking or concentration. Hence, the lack of posts this week. So, last night I was vegging in bed checking my eyelids for leaks, when Chowhound comes and requests I cut his hair. I'm still in a blurry state. But, not wanting to disillusion my child on my motherly qualities, I drag myself out of bed and stare at the clock. It was 7:30pm. That should pretty much sum up my week and state of mind. I told him to get everything set up in the garage and I would be there shortly. Now, I am not a hairstylist. I do buzz cuts only. Nothing fancy here. Chowhound and Daredevil like my haircuts. Improviser won't come near me when I have clippers in my hand. Last night, Chowhound should have taken his advice. Now, Chowhound went to all the trouble last night to thoroughly clean the clippers. He took them apart, oiled them and put them back together. I was impressed. It was more than I have ever done. I usually just rinse them in a vat of WD-40, wipe it off and hope for the best. Chowhound likes his hair short. I always use a #2 guard. Well, in my brain stupor and admiration of his cleaning job on the clippers, I forgot to put any type of guard on it. Opps. I didn't realize my mistake until he had a nice reverse Mohawk going. On the side of his head. OMG. I couldn't believe I did that. I once shaved him completely bald at his request. He does not have the head for it. Some people can pull it off; Chowhound is not one of them. So, not wanting him to be totally bald, I finished it with the #1 guard, lots of apologies and a promise that in a week it would grow out and we could even it out. He has a band competition today. And since he is in the pit, he doesn't have the advantage of a hat. I might be out of the haircut business for good now.