Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas Reservations

The airline reservations are a done deal. However, my internal mother reservations are still wavering. Chowhound and I are going to spend Christmas with my Sweetie. For those of you who don't know, Sweetie lives on an island in the Bahamas. Naturally, Chowhound is excited and Daredevil and Improviser are pouting. I hate not having all my boys with me for Christmas. But, finances and schedules play a really big part in the plans.

Chowhound was supposed to go with me this summer. A few days before our scheduled departure, an opportunity arose for him to tour with a drum and bugle corps for the summer and he chose not to go with me then. So, he already has his ticket paid for. I cannot afford to take everyone at one time. Plus, Daredevil has to work and Improviser has to look for work since he was laid off. And somebody has to take care of the dog.

I talked it over with the boys before I made the decision. Chowhound thinks it great. Of course. He gets to go to the Bahamas without his brothers. The other two understand and are ok with it (I think) and are having fun making me feel guilty. Which isn't necessary since I feel guilty without their help. I love being with my boys especially at Christmas. Although, since they are now older teenagers the magic of Christmas is not the same. They will not be alone though. They will spend the holidays with their dad. Also, their Aunt has invited them over to her house which is a 5 hour drive. Which is probably where they will go. But, that scares me too. Road trip + teenagers alone for the first time = speeding tickets. I worry about accidents too, but I'm trying really, really, really hard not to think about that.

I believe Daredevil and Improviser have a TV idea of what "the Bahamas" are like. They are probably picturing half naked women wandering the beaches. This island is not like that. This island is just beginning to be touristized. Most of the roads are still unpaved. There is no Mall, no convenience stores, movie theater or anything. The only blockbuster on the island is the guy parked under the tree selling videos out of his trunk. This is not a place where you can just run up to the store. It's like stepping back in time. Which is probably why I love it. But, not a heaven for hormone driven teenagers. There is diving and fishing and four wheeling and jet ski-ing, weather permitting. Well, maybe on the other hand they would have a great time. Guilt setting in again. I think I'll go invest a few bucks in the FL Redneck Retirement fund aka FL lottery. Maybe then I can take everyone. But, then what would I do with the dog? Sheesh! It's always something.