Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Adopt a kid

Whenever I come home early my stomach is queasy and in knots. I never know what to expect except the unexpected. Teenage boys just have that effect on a mother. At least mine do. Especially, after the closet episode. So, today I was pleasantly surprised to find a kid sitting at the table doing homework. No plodding, no prompting, yelling, cursing. Nothing. He was doing it without being told. A mother's dream. I just wish it had been one of MY kids!

Nope, it was Daredevil's best friend. Since their school and his work are within walking distance he just hangs out here until time for work. I didn't mind. But, it just seemed strange that he was the only one home. Maybe I should adopt him. Or trade one of mine for him! There's a thought.

Especially, since I am half expecting Daredevil to come home with his tongue pierced. Ack! I sure hope not. But, I made a horrific parental mistake tonight. He asked if I minded if he went with a friend of his who is getting her tongue pierced. She is scared and wanted backup. Stupid me said, "Don't come home with your tongue pierced." I should have slapped myself right then. I know better. Daredevil followed up with the challenging, "Why not"! Because I don't want a freak for a child, I thought. I suppressed that challenge. I see more blog fodder coming.