Friday, May 19, 2006

Drowning in Blog Fodder

While pursuing through the blogdom I've noticed a trend. There tend to be two types of entries. There are days that aren't worth blogging about, but "we" do anyhow and then there are days that cute little things happen that people want to blog about immediately. But. I. have. teenagers.! So neither of those apply. At least not for the last couple of weeks. I have been drowning in blog fodder that requires tranquilizers. And since I don't drink or do drugs beating my head against the wall until unconsciousness was the only option.

VWBug recently asked what song do you sing. Immediately these lyrics popped into my head, "They're coming to take me away. Ha Ha. They're coming to take me away. He He." Oh, how I wish the men in the crisp white coats would come knocking. Where's a good man when you need him?

I have attempted self-medication lately. My preferred poison is hot baths, Stephanie Plum exploits (because she so reminds me of myself) and generally ignoring everything and everyone. I deal with reality by retreating from it. This approach generally works for a while. I regain my mental strength. Calm my nerves. And simply amaze myself that I have not killed anyone. Yet. Things seem to be calm for a minute.

I will slowly post on the events as they slip back into my consciousness. I'm great at repression and even better at just plain forgetting crap so it will not at all represent the chaos in this castle lately.