Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cross County Team and STD

I love conversations with my boys. I never know what to expect. First off, stories usually start with an ending and then work backwards to the beginning.

Now, please remember I am trying to drive during this conversation. Chowhound is in the passenger seat and Daredevil is in the back.

Chowhound: Did I tell you what the cross county team found the first day of practice?

Me: Yeah, a (stuffed toy) bear.

Chowhound: Did I tell you what we named it?

Me: Ya'll named the bear?

Chowhound: Yeah. STD.

Daredevil is rolling in the back seat choking out STD in fits of disbelief.

Me (rolling my eyes and dreading the answer): STD? Why?

Chowhound: SUPER TOUGH DUDE! I can see all of the cross country team huddled before the meet and then yelling STD. I don't think the coach would like it but it would be funny.

My children have a sick sense of humor. They are so wrong.

Somehow this lead into stupid joke time:

Daredevil: A priest walks into a bar. Ouch.

Boo. Hiss. Boo. Throw tomatos. Something. Chowhound retorts with: What was Beetoveen's favorite fruit? Baa Naa Naa Naa

Ack! Do you see what I have to live with?