Monday, August 28, 2006

This isn't good

No matter which computer model you look at, Ernesto is headed to Florida. He should only be a minor Hurricane by standards, but he is a major pain in my a$$. I have a 7am flight to Ft. Lauderdale Thursday morning with plans to drive to Key West for the weekend with my Sweetie. He is scheduled to have shoulder surgery Wednesday and he thought that Key West would be a great place to recuperate. Maybe Ernesto will speed up and move out of Florida or just take a wide right and miss us altogether. The good news is maybe the Hurricane will chase all the other tourist out of Key West and the weather will be clear for our trip.

I am trying to be optimistic. This is not the first or second or third hurricane that has threatened one of my rendezvous with my Sweetie. We always seem to get through it and we will this time too. But, I am stressed now.

Ack. I hate hurricanes.