Monday, March 26, 2007

Abandoned and Abused

Chowhound had a choice to make yesterday.

Go to the beach (that doesn't allow dogs until after 5 pm) with Daredevil and his girlfriend and her sister and cousin or hang out at a wonderful beach/lake park with Mom and the dog.

I lost.

I even tried to get them to come to the beach I wanted to go to. But, her Dad wouldn't allow that.

So, I took Remi on his first beach encounter all by myself. Needless to say, I didn't even attempt to bring the camera, handling a 110 lb dog is difficult enough. Remi had his best day ever! He wasn't to sure about the waves and water at first but after he tried to bite a few of them they became friends. He romped and played and made friends, both human and canine, with everyone. He was one wore out puppy dog by the end of the day.

Then, later, the boys further alienated me and the dog. Mostly Remi, but I felt sorry for him. They took delight in the fact that the dog hates loud noises. We had free range balloons rooming around the house left free from Chowhound's party. The brats started popping them and scaring the dog. Remi tried to use me for cover. But, a 110 lb dog doesn't wedge behind a person lying on a couch very easily. He ended up more like sitting on top of my head. Poor baby. Then, he disappeared. We searched the house. Finally, we found him hiding in Chowhound's closet. He refused to come out. I felt so bad for Remi. The brats found it hilarious. They are warped. Teenage testosterone does that.