Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm alive

I realize that I haven't posted but twice this month. I've been busy but not that busy. It's just that I read a post that deeply affected me and I have been trying to find the right words in response. Nothing like immediate feedback. I know a long pause after a post loses the effect but I just haven't found the right words yet. I will. It is something I need to do. I just reacted and retreated into myself in response.

But, it won't be today. I have a cookout to pull together. Chowhound is having a bunch of people over tomorrow for his birthday party. He will be 17 on the 28th. My goodness my baby is growing up way too fast.

So, I'm off to Curves, the tanning place and then the store. I have less than two weeks to undo a years worth of laziness. I know it ain't gonna happen but at least I'm putting forth an effort. I have to get a starter tan so I don't cook like a lobster when I'm trolling around the Bahamas in 10 days. Yeah, I get to see my Sweetie. Chowhound, Daredevil and I are spending 6 days down there if I get their passports in time. Add another stresser. They are supposed to be here Monday. And of course, I need to buy the store out in order to feed 10+ teenage boys tomorrow. Oh, it's going to be so much fun.

Have a great weekend and I'll post my other thoughts if I survive tomorrow.