Monday, March 26, 2007

Discrimation Suit

Improviser bought Chowhound a basketball for his birthday. Not just any basketball but a Spalding Neverflat. It is guaranteed to stay inflated for 1 year.

But, I can't play with it. It says so on the packaging.

"Recommended for males 12+"

MALES!? What is up with that?!!! It's not recommended for females? Do they think we can't handle this new technologically advanced basketball? OH! It's got NitroFlate in it. I guess that's too dangerous for us fragile females. It's a frickin ball.

I'm hurt and humiliated.

Spalding owes me compensation.

I'm suing them for sexual discrimination. Why should basketballs be gender relative? Don't they think there are rough and tumble females out there? They haven't ever seen me play basketball. I'm brutal to the ball. It has to withstand crashing into trees, cars, the house and occasionally the backboard.

I am so traumatized. I know my pain and suffering are worth something. Know any good lawyers?