Thursday, April 26, 2007

Giving Heros a Bad Name

It's amazing that obviously intelligent people can be so stupid. This guy is a doctor. (Play the video link at that site too. It's humorous.)

MELBOURNE, FL -- It's a dark day for Captain America.The super hero was busted after stuffing a burrito in his waistband Monday. According to police a man dressed as the super hero attacked a woman inside a Melbourne, Florida bar. She says he came into the bar brandishing a burrito, made rude suggestions and grabbed her between her thighs.

They had to do a line-up to identify him. He was not the only guy dressed as Captain America. This was an event sponsored by a pharmaceutical company. What the hell were they thinking?

Is this how the big money companies are enticing the doctors to turn us all into prescription junkies? Let's have parties and make all these drugs seem fun! Woo Hoo!!! Let me put my faith and life in these people's hands. Comforting? Yeah, right.

Yes, I'm cynical today. I hate doctors. I hate doctor appointments. I've taken off work today to go subject myself to another humiliating ritual. It's Mammogram day. Or rather the yearly smashing of the puppies so we can wonder later on why they're going flat and sagging. Am I the only one that sees the connection here? Prior to that fun filled event, I get to meet yet another new doctor. I've been doctor hopping for the last 10 years. (I know that sounds pretty sleazy) I have yet to find one I feel comfortable with and one I think listens to me.

This doctor I'm seeing today has been recommended by several people at work. I was impressed with his staff when I scheduled the appointment. I loved the honesty. I have a 10:30 appointment. She said he always runs late and that I would probably get in to see him about 11:15 but that he was a very good doctor. I appreciate the warning. I can prepare and bring a book or something to entertain myself.

I'm still battling this head to toe I hurt all over and feel like crap stuff. My sister described it perfectly. It's like I'm a human pin ball machine and this sharp intense pain is bing-binging throughout me all day long. I know that the pain could be a million times worse but it's just the constant I sensations and the unknowing when and where an ice pick is going to be stuck in me. The pains in my head and eyes scare me the worse. I've had them hit while I was driving and it took everything I could do to pull off the road without wrecking. I'm usually fine after about 30 seconds or so. The don't last long but they are intense. Now, I am always on edge. Just waiting.

I'll report back later. It's time to get my butt in gear.