Friday, April 06, 2007

A little late but...

...we made it. It wouldn't be a trip to Exuma without some sort of complication. It's tradition. I have been delayed in Miami (on more than one occasion) both leaving the country and returning home. I have been delayed in Exuma. Now, I have finally, officially been delayed on every leg of the trip from Jacksonville to Miami to Exuma, Bahamas. We missed our flight Wednesday morning. By three minutes. Three minutes late and they wouldn't check our luggage in. If we only had carry on we would have made it without any problem.

But, because Daredevil has a lead foot, we had to spend our extra time sitting on the side of the road with the dancing blue lights behind us. The cop was nice and understanding.

He asked Daredevil at what point did he realize that it was a police car he had passed (it was unmarked).

It was right as we were doing 70 to pass him and Chowhound asked Daredevil "Is that a cop? He has a spotlight on his car."

"No, I think it was an old police car that was probably sold at auction."

Then they spent the next few miles discussing it. They were coming to the conclusion that it was a retired car that the spotlight had been left on when the blue lights settled the debate.

He did reduce the ticket by putting we were only doing 69 in a 60 instead of the 76 we were actually doing. However, he only laughed when I asked for an escort to the airport since we were really, really running late by that point. So, we missed out flight. Instead of getting into my Sweetie's arms at 2:30 pm, I had to wait until 9 pm.