Friday, April 06, 2007

How to train a Marine

Daredevil thought this was going to be a vacation. Ha! His initiation into diving taught him that it is not a sport for weaklings. Those tanks and all that gear get heavy.

We forgot the ladder to the boat so much thrashing was done to get back in. I have the bruises to prove it. I think I got more of a work out than he did on that aspect.

He did get a good one on Chowhound though. My Sweetie, his son, and Chowhound were diving while Daredevil and I stayed around the boat. Daredevil decided to snorkel. Since the waters are so clear he was able to stay right above the three of them the entire time. At one point, he dove down and grabbed Chowhound and then shot back to the surface. Chowhound was freaking out looking around trying to figure out what was getting him. He didn't think to look up. I am so glad it wasn't me. I would have stunk up the ocean.

That was day one.

Today was too windy to dive. It was just a touch to rough to take our little boat out. That and with three of us being beginner divers it just wasn't advisable so we played on the four-wheeler. Actually, we did hang out around the boat today. It was the only shade around. So, were sitting around like a bunch of rednecks on buckets and coolers under the boat. Yeah, quite a site.

All the boys took turns. But Daredevil got the workout. He was having a blast blazing up and down all the dirt roads. That is until it quit on him. He had been gone for an unusually long time without us hearing him so my Sweetie, his son, and Chowhound hopped in the truck and went searching. I stayed behind in case he returned. I walked up the road in the opposite direction the search party when and spotted Daredevil. He was at the top of a hill waving his arms. He was pushing the four-wheeler (except for down hill when he would jump on and ride). He pushed it quite a ways. Poor kid was tired.

I think he'll make a good Marine. He's tough.