Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dreams and Memories

This is a Sonnet written by Chowhound. Wisdom from the next generation.

Dreams and Memories

by Chowhound

Everyone knows how hard it is to see

What lies ahead of us, years down the road.

They always know where they would like to be,

And for me the big city is my foe.

Nice sight the sea surface is from above,

At a place where the water is so clear,

But there is another view that I love,

Sixty feet under, my foes can’t be near.

To be under the water that far down

And look up to see the surface again,

Or to see a sunken ship that was found,

Where George the Grouper lives and is a friend.

Many people just like my mom and me,

From the ocean, have found serenity.

Shakespearean sonnet

Problem: thinking about memories and dreams that you can’t get to at this certain point

Solution: Find your dreams coming true