Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Life Updates

My nephew, Robert, who graduated from bootcamp a week after my son, will graduate from his MOS on January 25th. He was just promoted to PFC and is in contention to graduate at the top of his class. He and another Marine are battling back and forth for the highest grade. They are 2/100ths of a point apart. The top graduate gets promoted to Lcpl. Keep your fingers crossed for him. He found out today that he will be going to Okinawa, Japan, for his permanent duty station. He will leave about a week after graduation. Robert was lucky and laughing. Several of the other Marines will be going back to Beaufort, SC for their duty. Can you imagine "escaping" from Parris Island just to be sent back on your first duty assignment? Poor guys.

My other nephew leaves late February or early March for Iraq. Please keep him, his wife, and one year old daughter in your prayers. Also, include my sister. In a matter of a month or so, she will have two sons out of the country, one in Japan and one in Iraq. Her oldest son is trying to join the Army (a medical condition prevents him from being a Marine). Talk about stress.

Meanwhile, my son just started his MOS training today. He has night classes. He has class from 5pm to Midnight. What a schedule! His roommate has day classes. Daredevil will be in school until the middle part of June. Then, he will choose his next school which is more than likely in 29 Palms too.

It was great to have Daredevil home for Christmas and New Years. He left a week earlier than anticipated. He found out at Noon on the 3rd that he had to be back THAT day. We did some quick calls and had him on a 5:30 pm flight to Vegas. That was the closest airport we could manage. I was stressed out trying to help him figure out how to get from Vegas to the base in CA. His SSgt ended up sending someone to pick him up. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive one way. I can hear that conversation, "Honest, honey, I don't want to go to Vegas, but the Marine Corps is making me." Some guy was probably in big trouble with his girlfriend or wife.

But, it all worked out and Daredevil made it back the 29 Palms. I miss him but I think his younger brother misses him more. No one to get in trouble with.

All in all, everything is going well. I am making wedding plans for myself while helping Chowhound get set up to graduate and start college. This will be a busy year. The last one leaves home.