Sunday, January 27, 2008

Need my head examined

The WeatherPixie

See the Eskimo pixie all bundled up? That's the current temp in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Why the hell did I volunteer to go to Manitoba, Canada? I know. Because my mouth engaged before my brain did.

I leave in a week. They are having a "heat wave" right now. The ten day forecast predicts the High next Sunday when I arrive will be 8 the low -4.

I have been going through my winter clothes. Crap. I think I'm going to need more than a sweatshirt and tennis shoes. I live in Florida. That is the extent of my winter wardrobe. I have a feeling I am in big trouble.

I have been shopping for clothes that I will wear this one time in my life. I still am stressing out over what to wear for shoes. I was looking for long johns last week and the clerk informed me they sent all they had up North. Crap. I found some in another store luckily. But, I just have a feeling that Florida winter clothes are not the quality you need in single digit or negative temps. I am going to be hitting the thrift stores this week. I figure I might find something a Northern transplant threw out.

I have faith that I will have everything to keep me warm. Yes. I'll keep repeating that over and over and over.