Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hurricane Names Part II

I've been giving a lot of thought to this hurricane name issue. Which means I have way too much free time on my brain.

Your suggestions and replies were interesting. Queen Boudicca reigns. But, we will have to save her for something else. I have come to the conclusion that ALL Hurricanes are male. If any of them were female, they would not be wandering aimlessly for periods of time. They are male. They are lost. And, they are usually in a hurry and storm through like a bull in a china shop. So from now on, only male names should be used. Secondly, since they normally form in the Caribbean and usually make landfall in the south, the names should be Caribbean or redneck. I think we should use forms of both of them to keep with political correctness.

(You can find the official list of names and interesting facts about them at the
National Hurricane Center)

I suggest the following alternative list for the remainder of 2005 (some of the names worked so I left them):

L--won't be used since the 13th depression collapsed. (It was Lee. Bare Lee anything)
Mon---Like, Mon there is a hurricane coming.
O-Omon, Omon not another one.
P-(Philippe) You Philippe. That's one strong wind.
S (Stan) Don't just Stan there, run!
Tater-seems to be a common nickname in the south
Vin , Vin will it go away.
(Q, U, X, Y and Z were named in the previous post on Hurricane names--see comments.)

I'm tired and it's late. You can make suggestions for the ones I didn't finish or come up with better ones. I'll be glad when Hurricane season is over and I can find some other trivial thing to occupy my brain.