Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wanted: Dog Psychologist

This stupid mutt of mine is the most neurotic dog I have ever seen. I pulled out my suitcase last night. As soon as he spied it, he started pouting. Now, he won't leave my side. He wants to cuddle and cling like a kid. Folks, this is a 105 lb lab. He really needs a psychiatrist. He will be broken out in hives by the time I return from my trip. He does it every time. Break out the benedryl. I made the mistake of trying to leave him at a kennel. As soon as he spots it, he flops his butt down and somehow makes himself instantly weigh a ton. He won't budge. I did manage to have someone drag him in once. When I returned a week later, he had no voice. His barker was broke. The lady said, "Oh, he did just fine." BS, the dog had no voice. He must of whined and barked the entire time. So, now I have to arrange for someone to babysit. The more I leave, the worse he gets. I love him to death. But, I swear, he drives me nuts sometimes.