Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Laziness is Hard Work

Sometimes laziness takes creativity and hard work. First, let me set the scene for you. It was last weekend. My ex's weekend to have the boys plunder and pillage his house. The main character is my oldest son (OS) and an air mattress. Now, apparently the two older boys have opted to have couches instead of beds in their room. Which translates to I have no where to sleep because everything gets piled on the couch as well as the floor. Evidently, in the pile was an air mattress that didn't ever make it back to my house to be put back in the shed. OS decides to sleep on the air mattress. Fine, bright idea, no problem, right. Well, the automatic pump is at my house. Which isn't a big deal since he has a car and the house is only .5 of a mile away. Yes, it is within walking distance even. But, he decides that it is too much of a hassle to travel soooooooo far. So, he starts blowing it up using his own personal hot air. We are talking about a Queen size air mattress. At some point he decides it has enough air (about the time he ran out of breath and turned blue would be my guess). But, once he lays down, he is still lying on the floor. Now, comes the creative part. He starts piling crap, i.e., video chairs, books, anything heavy he can lift, on one side. He figures this will force the air to the other side, hence making it more comfortable. I can't believe this same child made an "A" in physics last year. I guess once you graduate you no longer need the stuff they teach you. He did not think about the fact that he weighs more that the combination of things that he piled on. His problem was not solved. Of course, the air shifted. Middle son (MS) was shaking his head in disbelief while he told me this. I don't think he wants to claim him as a brother anymore.