Thursday, September 14, 2006

Book Meme

I leave town for R &R and I get hit with homework while I'm gone. Thanks "Mom".

1) A book that changed my life:

The Courage to Heal by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis

2) A book I've read more than once:

The Little Prince. This is my favorite book. It is a reminder to never grow up entirely.

Other books I've read over and over and over: children's books (I think I've read every Dr. Suess book about a million times)

Anything else I've read more than once was by accident because I didn't remember I read it or because I didn't have anything new to read.

3) A book I'd take to a desert island:

How to build a boat from nothing.

4) A book that made me laugh:

Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich
Don't Stop the Carnival by Herman Wouk

5) A book that made me cry:

I know there are some but I can't immediately recall which ones.

6) A book I wish had been written:

Children's Remote Control Operator's manual.

7) A book that should never have been written:

Help me Be Good series. A series of children's books that should have been named "Help me be Bad". They gave my boys ideas of things to do to get into trouble instead of teaching them what not to do. I promptly threw these books out.

8) A book I'm currently reading:

Just finished Dark Harbor by Stuart Woods.

9) A book I'm planning to read:

Not sure. I'm searching. Any suggestions.

10) Five people I'll send these questions on to: Volunteers only.