Thursday, September 14, 2006

Somebody's 40

My BGGD (BlogGreatGrandDaddy) Harvey is 40. Happy Birthday. Last year, he requested "boobies" for his birthday. This year his requested theme is blue. So, I tried very hard to incorporate the two.

So, I googled "blue boobies" and got these cute little fellows:

While technically it's correct, it's just not what I picture Harvey chasing around the backyard.

So, then I tried "blue knockers"

Well. That "ain't quite right." Back to the Google board. Let's just quit playing with words and go for the gusto.

Let's try "blue tits".

Apparently, the person who named birds was away from home a little too much. He was probably thinking about THIS. Oh, well sorry BGGD. I couldn't find you a gift this year. But, I tried. Happy birthday anyway.