Monday, October 16, 2006

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

I went out in search of a purple ribbon today. I have been meaning to get one and wear it. Today, it hit close to home. Only a few miles away in fact. Today, unfortunately, a name can be added to the remember my name project.

She followed the law. He didn't. A piece of paper didn't stop him. An ankle monitor didn't stop him. His conscience didn't stop him. The police didn't stop him. So, today there is a yellow ribbon with the words crime scene surrounding a home. Today, there are two children who will grow up without a mother. Today, there is a man still fighting for his life. Today, there is another senseless death. Today, I grieve for a family I don't know. Today, they have hundreds of unanswered questions. Today, they want to know WHY.

I don't have an answer. I don't understand it either. I have gotten where I hate to watch the news or read the paper. Everyday, there is more and more senseless violence. More deaths that don't have to be. I wish I could climb up high enough for all the world to hear me shout, "STOP!" I wish I could scream that loud. A loud piercing scream that would get everyone's attention. But, there are no mountains high enough. No one voice loud enough.

I'm just frustrated. I can see so much wrong in the world and I don't understand why people don't open their eyes.