Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Finally, I've got a "girl"

Oh brother! Happy Halloween everyone.

Here are my "boys" this evening. Chowhound is the "football player". Notice his puffy muscles. See the gray neck. Yes, that is the p*nis jacket underneath the sweat shirt. He is only about 12 inches around underneath it. Just as I dreaded, his first thought was to go as a big, grey p*nis. AHHHHH! Luckily, he liked my suggestion of the sweat shirt. Slick thinking on my part. The cute cheerleader is Daredevil. Bet, you figured that one out before I even told you.

Daredevil went to his girlfriend's soccer practice dressed like that. Fishnet stockings and all. She was quite proud....and embarrassed. As everyone told me when he was little, "He's too cute to be a boy."