Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

This has been a perfect birthday weekend. All flights were on time for a change. So, I'm back here in Exuma, Bahamas with my Sweetie. We got two dives in yesterday. The water is still warm and was relatively clear. The first dive was a beautiful reef with lots of fish. We came upon a 5ft Nurse shark sleeping. We didn't see any point in waking her. Besides, she had a nice size lobster guarding her. That was just the first of four lobsters we spotted on that dive. There were a couple of nice size groupers but none as large as the one that followed us around during the second dive. There is a old tug about 70ft down. George the grouper captains it. The local dive shop frequents it and the divemaster brings squid for George. Needless to say, George is friendly and fat (about 20-25 lbs). I personally can vouch that Grouper can have puppydog eyes. George was pitiful. He kept begging for food. He wouldn't leave me alone. I'd turn around to see where he was and almost bump noses with him. George will let you pet him. Spoiled fish. Unfortunately, we didn't take the camera with us but we are planning on taking it today. Hopefully, I can post pics when I get back state side. We only have dial up here on the island.

Time to pack up the gear. I'm wasting precious diving time.